Federal Crimes

Being investigated or charged with a crime by a federal agency is a frightening and often confusing situation. The Federal Government has an array of powerful investigative tools and plenty of resources that can be used to build a case against you. The Federal Government typically uses task forces that combine law enforcement agents from federal, state and local authorities into a powerful prosecution team. In short, federal prosecuting attorneys have the power to bring tremendous resources against you, and they will not hesitate to do so.

Federal crimes either cross state lines, involve a federal agency (e.g., the post office, federally insured banks, the SEC and HUD) or involve the internet. The most common cases prosecuted at the Federal level include drug trafficking, bank robbery and internet pornography.

State Crimes

If you have been charged with violating a criminal statute in the State of California, it is critical that you contact an experienced defense attorney who can help you minimize your punishment or possibly avoid conviction. If you are convicted, your sentencing will depend on the court’s determination of the severity of your crime. No matter the charge, conviction of a felony is a serious matter that can substantially impact your life.

Juvenile Crimes

When a juvenile between the ages of 10 and 17 is convicted of a crime, the child’s future is in serious jeopardy. Unlike adults, juveniles are not entitled to a trial by jury, nor are they allowed to be released on bail. Many children are not fully aware of the magnitude of their actions and don’t deserve a tough sentence. Many have learning disabilities and impulse control problems like A.D.HD. or A.D.D. and really just need medication and/or a good therapist.

The juvenile justice system in California, however, may become overly aggressive with your child and attempt to take them away until they turn 18 or sometimes much longer. It is not unusual for sentencing to include counseling, detention in a youth facility such as a boot camp, juvenile hall, or youth authority facility. Having an expert juvenile defense attorney to protect your child and their future is critical.